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 Welcome to Herbal Healing 420

Thanks for coming! Herbal Healing is a medical marijuana Safe Access Point. We share our medicinal grade marijuana to authorized Washington patients that have a valid prescription from their doctor, and a valid state issued identification card. (rcw.69.51A.005).



The laws in Washington State are vague to say the least regarding where and how patients are to get access to their prescribed medicine. One thing is for sure, Washington State's Internal Revenue Service requires us to track every transaction and apply the applicable county retail sales tax on every donation.



"Donations"  The donation amount is a "risk" assessed fee to cover expenses and other administration costs.  


Risk” refers to the amount of the medicine, the accumulated smell (high quality) Other administrative factor contribute to the overall cost and risk assessment. 


To gain access to Herbal Healing’s services, you must: 

           1.  Have a valid prescription from your
               attending physician on tamper  resistant paper.

           2.  Have a valid Washington State picture identification.

           3.  Fax, mail or email us a copy of your prescription and state ID or DL.  

           4.  Fill out our online Patient Interest form and hit the submit button.



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3062 SW HWY 16 

Gorst Wa,98312

(360) 813-3644

Fax # (360) 813-3645 


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           Herbal Healing (make sure you bring your tamper proof,washington state authorization documents for medical
           marijuana and your state ID)